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PGN : Infinity Evolved

Welcome to Proton Gaming

Welcome to Proton Gaming

We've been hosting since 2014, having served thousands of players - we'd love it if you joined them
No Lag

No Lag

We maintain a solid 20 TPS, thanks to resilient hardware and dedicated staff
The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace

Our donator ranks are reasonably priced (you can even buy them with in-game cash!), and come with some exciting perks
Stable Economy

Stable Economy

Our economy is relatively stable, with a large mall at spawn to sell your wares, a customised Jobs system and frequent competitions


Welcome to PGN. Our Infinity Evolved server hosts an exciting selection of over 150 mods, enjoyed by an active and friendly community - and the dedicated staff team is always on hand to help. With this much to do, the only limit is your imagination. Become a part of something great.


  • RFTools Dimensions
  • Anti Grief
  • Time-based ranks and perks
  • Relatively stable economy

The server is PvE, but a PvP arena (the Colosseum) is available at spawn if you need to hit someone really bad. We get it.


The server runs in online mode, we don’t allow cracked accounts to connect, sorry.

[1] No hacked clients or malicious mods
[2] Don’t exploit bugs/glitches, please report them
[3] Be respectful to all players, no matter their rank
[4] Don't advertise, spam, beg, whine, panhandle or disturb chat
[5] Don't circumvent safe zones, such as the mining world
[6] Don't unfairly PVP (e.g. tp-killing, logging etc.)
[7] No griefing/stealing UNLESS UNCLAIMED
[8] Don't undercharge or give away items
[9] Don't be a dick (AFK machines, proxy-griefing, laggy setups etc.)

How to Connect

To connect, launch the game through the Twitch launcher found at[plugin-Minecraft].exe or the Legacy launcher found at and connect to - if that doesn't work for you, you can connect directly on


... also visit our website, - for the forum, store and more!

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