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------------------------ WISPCRAFT - ULTIMATE - 1.4.7 ------------------------

Wispcraft aims to give you a range of hand-picked plugins, chosen to add to the endless possibilities Feed The Beast: Ultimate already gives you!

Our dedicated server ensures we stay online 24/7 allowing you to craft, build and engineer yourself to the top of the skies!

At Wispcraft the emphasis is on you, the player. We strive towards giving the players the best possible experience. With this in mind, we host frequent, but economically moderate, giveaways, host events and much more.

The best way you can experience the greatness of the kind hospitality and good nature of the players if to join it, we guarantee you'll fall in love!

We give a lot of support to the players through our expert staff team who are put through vigorous training to ensure they are the best representatives for our server, whom of which follow a strict set of guidelines to protect you, the player.

------------------------ WISPCRAFT - ULTIMATE - 1.4.7 ------------------------

Plugin List:

  • Towny - Allowing you to claim, build and manage huge towns of adventurers just like you!

  • Modreq - Letting you (players) contact staff in times of need for a quick and accurate response!

  • Lottery - Giving you the chance to win big!

  • CoreProtect - A tool used by staff members to detect pesky griefers and stop them dead in their tracks!

  • Lockette - A chest protection plugin, allowing us to add almost all of the FTB Containers, Machines and much more to help give you that little more protection!

  • TownyChat - Making the chat pretty!

  • PayDay - Rewarding you for staying online!

  • BOSEconomy - Letting you become the Bill Gates of Minecraft!

  • ChestShop - Want to be a merchant? Now here's your chance! Sell goods to players using these handy signs!

------------------------ WISPCRAFT - ULTIMATE - 1.4.7 ------------------------




Twitter: - @Wispcraft

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