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Welcome we are currently still a new server this server is using FTB pack DireWolf 1.7 the server will be based off of the plugin Towny this will be used to protect towns. Towns will be considered safe zones which means no pvp, griefing, or stealing allowed. Now in the wild which would be considered everything else other than towns and spawn will be able to grief pvp and steal. We are working hard to improve the server adding by adding plugins and listening to our players if you have suggestions to help improve the server your are more then welcome to post them here.

We are currently looking for very active players that are good with towny to become mayors and are willing to invite new players into their towns!

Rule # 1 - You shall not cheat nor hack while playing on the server.
Rule # 2 - Do not be annoying.
Rule # 3 - Do not grief towns
Rule # 4 - Treat other how you want to be treated. If you want to be treated bad be my guest
Rule # 5 - Respect all staff, and don't just rage.
Rule # 6 - Do not spam or advertise other servers

The server is currently open will be white list later in the future

The New Application Format

  1. Age :
  2. IGN :
  3. How long have you been playing the Direwolf Pack? :
  4. What do you plan to really do on the server? :
  5. Have you ever been banned on a server? :
  6. If yes, please leave any server name of the server you've been banned on? :
  7. Tell us something about yourself (Nothing absurd like "I like pie, and I'm a social person."):
  8. Will you REALLY use TeamSpeak? :
  9. You will obey all rules from the server? : Y/N
  10. You acknowledge that people that make up the staff are players too & enjoy playing as well? : Y/N
  11. Going with the rule above if you ever are in a situation you acknowledge that once a staff member has acknowledged the situation you will stop bugging them about it unless there has been a 2 hour wait time? : Y/N
  12. You understand that sometimes things can leap out of hand, and thus if our world goes corrupt you will try your best not to go like "OMG ! I hate this!" But instead be mature about the reset (if it ever happens), and so on? : Y/N

Banned Items will be adding items soon

New Website:

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