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The Great Awakening


Want a server where there is anti-grief, no pvp, and a fun community? Then join this one at!


  1. No griefing
  2. No stealing
  3. No spamming
  4. No temper-tantrums
  5. No frequent swearing
  6. No dirt huts
  7. No pvp
  8. Don't call seekwich a sandwich.

Restricted items ("Trusted" can use):

  1. Xycraft valve- crashes
  2. Portable hole- trespassing
  3. Tunnel bore- griefing
  4. Railer- griefing
  5. Mining laser- griefing
  6. Vajra- griefing
  7. Portal gun- Griefing
  8. Soul shards- lag, crashes
  9. Quarry- Griefing
  10. Thaumcraft wands- Pvp, Griefing

Banned Items:

  1. Canvas bag- Duplication Glitch
  2. Nukes- Lag, Crashes, Griefing
  3. ITNT, TNT (Explosion only)- Lag, Crashes, Griefing

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