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CrackShack 1.1.0 (Recommended)


Server IP -

The official server for FTB Presents Crackpack 1.1.0 (recommended)
Survival at its best!
Great staff and community! Hope to see all of you there on our humble server!

FTB Infinity evolved

To find this modpack go to -

Select the right version and download it.

Then select FTB Presents Crackpack and make sure its v1.1.0 or on recommended.

⥋ Version 1.7.10 of minecraft and v 1.1.0 CrackPack
⥊ No whitelist, play as soon as you join!
⥋ 85 Slots!
⥊ 24/7 with daily offsite backups.
⥋ Custom plugins, frequently optimized to ensure very little to no latency.
⥊ New server running since march 31st, 2016.
⥋ Hosted on one of the fastest dedicated servers capable for a single standalone Minecraft server.
⥊ Register on our website at -

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