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Beginners welcome - Anfänger Willkommen! english/Deutsch/german
I just started this server and am looking for some fun friendly and honest people to join :)
It will be WHITELISTed later today (when I go offline), right now you can just join and look around a bit :)


The newbie friendly server for mature gamers (means not necessarily you have to be old g)
Looking for a server to build nifty machines or simply survive, look no further. We're aiming for a functioning teamplay community.
Right now there are 3 players, but as soon as it will be more I'll rent more serverpower and slots. I really look forward to a active community.
If you join now, you are there from the very beginning and possibly will be able to take some influence in the evolution of the server :)

Just send a mail to:

Desired infos:
Minecraft name
What are you planning to do on this server?
And if you write a few sentences why, of all servers, you want to join this one it will help a lot :)

Server Rules:

  • Don't wreck/steal other peoples things, respect their privacy if they want to be left alone
  • PVE only
  • Make a mess of something, clean it up
  • Don't make huge lag inducing machines
  • Generally be respectful and mature

Nice owner, teamplay desired

Beginners welcome - Anfänger Willkommen! FTB english/Deutsch/german
Feed the beast DireWolf20 1.0.20

Wenn du einfach mal ein Server suchst um tolle Maschinen aus zu testen oder einfach mal zu Survivaln, ohne das du nur alleine bist, dann bist du hier genau richtig :) Das Ziel ist ein Server mit einer funktionierenden Teamplay Community.
Netter Owner, Teamplay erwünscht

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