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Chunkloaders - FTB Skies


Chunkloaders Server

Our experienced team has been creating modpack servers for over 6 years, ensuring that you get the best possible gameplay experience. We use only the latest server hardware to ensure top-notch performance, and our team is dedicated to providing excellent technical support and customer service. So come join us and see the difference that years of experience and cutting-edge hardware can make!

  • We do not offer buyable ranks, so that every player has an equal chance to succeed through hard work and dedication.
  • Our land claiming system allows each player to protect their creations with 128 chunks available for claiming.
  • Additionally, we provide 9 free chunks for chunkloading, even when offline, to ensure automated farms and machines continue to run smoothly.
  • We prioritize a safe and enjoyable gameplay experience and have no banned items that could disrupt the server.
  • All players have access to the same commands to ensure fairness and balance.

Joining our Discord server is crucial as it's the central hub for all announcements, updates, and information regarding Chunkloaders. Stay in the loop and don't miss out on any important news - join our Discord community today!

Visit our website for all modpacks:


Our servers have the following specifications:

  • CPU: Ryzen 9 7950x
  • Uplink: 1GB
  • Storage: NVME SSDs in a RAID 1 configuration

We optimize our servers for the best possible performance and strive to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for all players.

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