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Jammy Craft Agrarian Skies

Our Outstanding Weloming Room
Part Of Our Amazing Spawn
Many Vanilla & FTB Shops at Spawn
Low Lag, High Fun
Jammy Craft Sign

Jammy Craft Is A Small Friendly Community Server Which Offers A Load Of Great Features. Our Server Is Running Agrarian Skies Of The FTB Launcher Under 3rd Party Packs.

Most Servers That Run Agrarian Skies Have Other FTB Modpacks Running To, However Jammy Craft Is Just Agrarian Skies. This Is Good As All We Do Is Focus On Agrarian Skies And Try And Make It The Best, Fun And Friendliest Agrarian Skies Server Out There.

If You Are Looking For A Fun And Friendly Server To Play On We Recommend Checking Us Out As We Can Provide That. Our Server Is Always Checked On To Help Out Our Players And Make Sure Everything Is Running Smoothly.

We Are A Small Community At The Moment Meaning There Is More Room For You.

If You Love Our Server That Much And Want To Keep Us Alive Please Donate To Us And We Will Reward You With Some Great Features.

Donation Website -

Main Website -

Any Questions Or Queries Send Us A Email On -

Join Us On Either Of Our 2 IPS:




[1] 100MB/S +

[2] Plenty Of Space

[3] Powerful Intel Processors

[4] Friendly Staff

[5] Low Lag, High Fun


[1] No Griefing/Stealing - It Will Be Tracked.

[2] No Spamming, Racism and Bad Swearing.

[3] Respect other players.

[4] Ask Mods or Admins for any Problems or Questions

[5] No Advertising!

[6] No Idling - Will Be Punished

[7] No asking for staff - Apply on Website

[8] And For The Love of God Have Some Fun And Enjoy Playing! :D


[1] All World Loaders (LAG)

[2] Needle Gun - (GRIEF)

[3] Matter Cannon - (GRIEF)

[4] Wand Focus - Excavation - (GRIEF)

[5] Wand Focus - Equal Trade - (GRIEF)

[6] Wand Focus - PRIMAL (GRIEF)

[7] Wand Focus - Warding (PROTECT OTHER PROTECTIONS)

[8] Auto-Spawner - (DUPE)

[9] Drums - (DUPE)

[10] Bound Tools - (GRIEF)

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