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DirtCraft has just started with there first FTB server. Dirtcraft started with a tekkit classic server wich has been running for bout 2 years( and is expanding. we had an awesome communite on tekkit so we hope we will also have that on ftb. And you should defenetly try it. you can trade team with others. We dont have that much on right now but we hope that will change.
its a really good server and a great eviroment for learning how to play FTB.

We have great staff and where open for aplication’s.
Ranks: default,member,advertiser,builder,vip+,vip++,vip+++,moderator,admin, superadmin,headadmin,owner
(Most of these ranks can be aquierd thru donating this can be done on or site)
50 poeple can join at once and there are almost always about 6 poeple on and a staff member
Griefing and pvp is allowed so be warned build your house far away and deep in the ground. There is a creative world for the creative poeple. We have no banned items. the server is a 24/7 server.

This is one of the amazing builds that we had and on our tekkit server this is now used as our spawn.
The server isnt always up but thats because sometimes where doing some maintenence but this often only takes a few houres.

Some plugins:
tree-capitator,coreprotect,essentials,world-edit,chestshop,mcjobs enz
Rules: grief of protected things grief of creative
3.respect fellow players asking for stuff
5.only english else /msg
6.if you like the server tel your friends

For more info go to our site,

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