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.:Thinker~Craft:. Network {Direwolf20 v1.8.0}


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Direwolf20 Server had been established on 10th February 2014. Our Community is still growing, with great members and staff to help you in problems you might encounter. Our servers have tons of usefull plugins to help our members have great experiance and fun. Build your own Town/Nation or simply join other's.

Raiding/Griefing is Allowed only in wilderness.

with some banned items which will not effect player's game play experience + some items can be bought from our webstore.

Can you get all the mob morphs, or create magic?
There's also monthly building challenges for you to enjoy & win prizes.

What are you waiting for? Come Join Us Today!!!

Come Join Us online and have fun with your friends, by Starting your own Town or join one.


Join our community:- www.

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