This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB 1.1.2

100 people
Pop cap will be increased with more people

Server Forum

Bartna - host

Just an introduction my minecraft name is Bartna and I used to host the "Train2Games" minecraft server until we as a community decided we had best finish our course rather than play minecraft.

Bartansia Server


Bartna - Host - Former unofficial Train2Game Server host

Grief Protection - Selection tool: Wooden Shovel
Chest Shop

--Non-default mods enabled-- use the edit mod pack button to enable these mods
Blood Magic
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI

Welcome to the Bartansia Server
Residence plugin - set how you want to run your home. Allow pvp, let players use your blocks, block chest access plus more.

  • NO Raiding/stealing in the Default world as this will no longer be tolerated but outside the default world is fine

  • Average 18 - 20 TPS

-Set up radio channels. Jazz, Easy Listening, Metal/Rock and more some can be bought in the tavern, This is no longer supported by FTB

-Mature Players/ or mature playing players

-No free stuff for votes or donations, there are no shortcuts here

-Creating your own shops welcome

-PVE only in the default world (earth/Spawn World) unless we/you make an arena/arenas

-PVP/Raiding only in outside worlds (nether, deep dark ect) some may get setup

-Mystcraft is active but the inkmixer is banned, you can buy link pages and unbinded link books at server store

-The community so far has been very nice, helpful and polite

-Lets make an awesome community

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