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Luxofwar Infinity Evolved


Were in the most recent version of Infinity Evolved, we have grief prevention, and mystcraft is banned.
Small community, new world. We are also lookinf for staff, and builders. FTB utilities is in, it wasn't in for a short time because of an issue, but you cannot use it to claim. we use grief prevention to claim. Expert mode is on.

When i went on FTB utillities was in, and they said it was not allowed for claiming, but it is good for every thing else. Oath and Airth greeted me, wich you dont see on alot of servers, and i was able to play and rank up to the second rank, need more time to go up. I had an issue with ranking up at first, but i asked and they were able to fix it. to the person who reviewed before, did you even ask them? they seem like nice people and would of probably helped you out.
Posted 17th Oct 2016
FTB Utilities was removed. No thank you.
Posted 6th Oct 2016