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JACGaming | Monster | 1.0.5 | AutoRanking | Limite


J.A.C Gaming FTB Monster.

Recently we've decided to make a Monster server.

This server is run off the latest hardware with a dedicated 500MB/s uplink connection, from our 5th dedicated server.

I cannot guarantee there wont be any lag, even with SSD's chunk generation for a modpack with 170+ mods it's vigorous. There will be hiccups and rubber-banding while new chunks are generated throughout the world border. This means something as simple as making power armor and flying fast enough to overwhelm the chunk request generation. Could cause rollback and severe lag, of course it would be extremely easy to find such a person.

Questions you may have?
"Why does this server have 500mb/s when I see all other servers say 1GBps?"

Let me explain, that 1GBPS would cost several hundreds of dollars which most communities can't afford. Yes they are on a 1GBPS connection but it's shared through several different servers meaning more than 1 person is using the same connection with a different computer. Who knows what the other person is doing on there computer? Maybe causing network issues... We're guaranteeing 500MB/s uplink connection, you wont have a problem connecting.

We have features such as, virtual market, autoranking and plenty more.

Banned Items:

  • Modular Force Field System (Since the server is new)
  • Solar Tower (dupe glitch)
  • Iodine Capsule (client side crash)
  • Admin Anchor (Admins don't get special privileges)
  • World Anchor (USE Personal Anchor) :)
  • Chunk Loader (USE Personal Anchor) :)
  • Rotary Fertilizer (server crash)
  • Pump Rotary/Reactor (Server crash)
  • Nuclear waste (Client crash)
  • Mining Laser (coming soon)
  • Mining Turtles (Donator only)
  • Portal Guns (I think I might make Donator only)

That's a list of our banned items. Now something many of you may know, servers have many more items banned than are on the website.

Everything above is banned, nothing more.
Yes Yes, that means we allow Personal Anchors, Quarrys, QuarryPlus in the overworld.

Let's talk about our market, a-lot of people like to make money for various reasons.
Once in-game type, /market ?
Common commands: /market listings & /market create

Who likes griefing? figures..
Use a golden spade to claim an area, 50 blocks earned an hour voting acquires you more.
If it's not protected and it's taken, sorry..

Voting once every day will acquire you in-game money and claiming blocks!

Many people hate to get started knowing a map reset is coming..

At J.A.C we run the map until it's unable to be fixed from corruption.

If we come across a corrupted blocks, we'll just remove it. We've been around 4+ years and have created something that can't be replicated with out difficulty. With hundreds of staff throughout our network and developers this server will experience little to NO problems.

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