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FTBees Unleashed 1.1.7


We strive to maintain a family friendly environment. Our staff are real people that have real lives. We do have some time-based rank restricted items. This is in place to protect our players. No modded server can offer 20TPS all the time. We appreciate you checking us out.

Register at and purchase the FREE Enhanced Welcome Pack which includes:

1x Full Nano Armor
1x Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III'
1x Macerator
1x Electric Furnace
1x ADV Solar
16x Glass Fiber Cable
1x Batbox
1x Omni Wrench


the server is very family friendly
Posted 13th Feb 2017
This server has one of the most retarded staffs i have seen in a long time they are all brain dead i joined the game and some guy name godai099 banned me cause my name was inappropriate even tho i covered most of the my name with numbers i legit apologized at first and i posted a thread saying i should be unbanned and a cringy ass girl gamer tells me what she thinks SHE THINKS I WILL GRIEF THE SERVER AND SAY AND DO THINGS WHEN STAFF IS NOT THERE JUST CAUSE OF MY NAME funny... on top of that i start msging asking if its possible i could be unbanned with a name change some brain dead guy name Godai099 the guy who banned me claims he would not let me on EVEN if i changed my name cause pressing tab would just reveal it... and hes here trying to promote a family friendly server how the fuck do you promote a family friendly server if your just going to perma ban someone with a inappropriate name and they try to fix it LOLLL if you want to find a good ftb server do not go to this one i heard too many complaints about staffs randomly telling players to shut up and they start muting and giving random bans family friendly my ass
Posted 5th Jan 2017
the staff are nice. you just have to ask them for help and they will help
Posted 11th Oct 2016
Terrible, the staff dont actually have lives and are offended by the first few things. The big problem is the lack luster of mindsets used by the server, since theres no variety in it, and its staff that have huge power hunger issues. 0/10
Posted 2nd Oct 2016