This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Kraftcraft Craft


Crafting a better Kraftcraft: For a better tomorrow, tomorrow.

Running Feed the Beast Ultimate, 24/7 uptime, quad core and 16gb RAM dedicated server machine.

PvP is encouraged. Bring your friends to avenge and protect you, or make new ones. Building entirely underground is viewed as cowardly and dishonorable and you will be relentlessly mocked. If someone ganked you, I probably don't want to hear it unless they hacked. I sustain from your tears. Build better fortifications.

No mystcraft. Everything else is unchanged from default FTB Ulti.

If you have a ban history, don't expect to build more than a wooden hut because you'll probably get das boot within a few minutes. If you hack, das boot. Spam, das boot. Beyond that, anarchy within reason.

I plan to have donations up soon, but no one will ever be able to pay to win. Moderators have no advantage over anyone else, except kick/ban etc, bare minimum to keep the King's Peace. They're fair game to kill and loot as well.

So, come and help us craft a better Kraftcraft today.

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