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Welcome to NorthStarrMC,
where we pride ourselves in only restricting items that are truly harmful to the player experience.
Join us and help us our humble little community a little bit better!

Modpacks + Versions

Hub -
[Version 1.12.2-1.16.x]

ATM-6 -
[Version 1.7.7]

Sevtech -
[Version 3.2.1]

FTB Revelation -
[Version 3.4.0]

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Server Specs:
CPU Intel i9-9900K 8-core, RAM 64GB DDR4,Storage 2x 1TB NVME, Bandwidth 1 GBit/s

I mean... I have no clue where to start here.

I've tried almost every server out there, till I landed on this server is when I stopped searching.

When I started playing MC Eternal a few months ago, I wanted to search for a server because I'm the kind of person who would enjoy playing with people rather than playing alone. I didn't find a server that was "decent." It's usually a community with a bunch of trolls or they don't care about the pack itself. However, this server is completely different. It's the ONLY server that I didn't experience any lag whatsoever.

In addition, I wanted a server that didn't have plans of shutting down, the very first day I joined the server they've told me that they've updated the server recently and doesn't have plans on shutting down. This is a gigantic plus for me.

Let me confirm that the community right here is fantastic and it's the only reason why I'm writing this review. I usually never write a review for basically anything. However, this server and this community completely deserve it.

I would definitely recommend at least giving this server a try. Enjoy your time and see you on the server! :3
Posted 12th May 2020
The best server ever you can't get bored even if you played for 7 hours straight. You can play with you're friends.and also the admin is funny. And most importantly the graphics is beautiful,the creative ti in this server is amazing and they have new and beautiful ideas.
Posted 12th May 2020
Great server. I really can't play modpacks on solo worlds so its good to have an actually nice server to play it on. Lots of helpful people around too
Posted 12th May 2020