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Survivalzcraft FTB Server


What is SurvivalzCraft?
Survivalzcraft is a server for Feed the Beast. In its hayday it was a wonderful Minecraft
server that was played on by many and still keeps to its name today. However, with the newer modpacks coming out over the last few
months, many players left to play on modded servers—and with that in mind we created a Feed The Beast Server.

What is Feed the Beast?
FTB (Feed the Beast) is a creative modpack which features many mods that allow you to do almost anything you can think of.
There are great tutorials on youtube if you are new to these new mods, FTB is very easy to understand once you get more experienced with it,
so once you are—you can see the potential in every action you perform.

How do I Connect to the Server?
To join the server, you must first install the FTB Launcher which can be found at
It is very quick and easy to download/install FTB, and it does not affect your Minecraft launcher in any way at all.
When you finish the installation you need to choose the Ultimate pack option in the FTB launcher.
Then once this is all done, all you need to do is login and connect to our IP as you would with any other server.

What Items are Banned?
The current banned item list can be located here as well as on the server once you log on,
we tend to ban and restrict items to enhance and fine tweak our style of gameplay as well as keep the server running smoothly.

What are the Rules?
Our server rules can be located here as well as in the server once you log on.
These rules are in place to keep our server misunderstanding free.

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