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AlphaCraft - Project Ozone 2 : Titan Mode

pin_drop (private server)

AlphaCraft (Project Ozone 2 - Titan Mode)

AlphaCraft is a new Project Ozone 2 - Titan Mode server. that is located in United Kingdom, Europe, hosted by Creeper host.

We are currently looking for about 10 mature (18+) players to join our community. We currently have a Project Ozone 2 server and are looking to expand once the 1.10 packs are released.

Our server and our community is build to have an enjoyable time on discord and in-game, we are looking for like-minded, social people that are willing to chat and work together to have some great fun.

We do not allow any sorts of cheating, griefing or disturbance of another player. We will combat those actions with immediate banning and public shaming of this individual.

Please consult the Whitelist_Application section on our Discord! to get whitelisted.

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