This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mc Arcana! Your new home!


Are you the new player we are looking for?

I have server admin plugin, thats it. no need for more!
Active owner that plays almost everyday
and active moderators

There is no ts so we'll get by with skype.


  1. No steeling, not at all, if you are found guilty of steeling it will result in a ban!
  2. When there are more than 4 people on the server, try not to load in new chunks.
  3. Just chunkload what you own and need!
  4. Don't use BC quarry, if we find one, it will be removed and you will get a warning
  5. Don't use mystcraft ages or redpower worlds! This will result in a warning!
  6. Respect your peers
  7. No Griefing
  8. Only Consentual PVP (No Means No)
  9. And the most important rule of them all! Use common sense!
  10. If you have three or more warnings it will result in a perma ban

We use the deep dark for mining, a linking book is provided in spawn

Spawn house with a hub if you want a linking book to your place

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