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Anthenoncraft is a mincraft community that focuses on cracked modded minecraft servers

We are currently Running a direwolf20 1.6.4 server but have many plans for the future! Sadly such plans require funds, which we are sort on so
Here are our current/planned features for the DW20 server.

  • Mytown (Really Good land protection=ALOT LESS BANNED ITEMS =D)
  • Mining World(Maybe, i need to figure out mystcraft)
  • Donate for your own Myst age? (Maybe, same as above)
  • Player Shops
  • Economy
  • Special Ranks/Rewards for awesome members of the community
  • Mob arena? =)
  • Do i smell some PvP Tournaments?
  • And. maybe at some point a Creative plot world. (Idk i need to experiment, but i cant do it cause i would have to take the server down )
  • Awesome Voting rewards
  • Monthly top voter rewards =)

I would also just like to mention our awesome spawn which ive put alot of work into so far =) and yess it still needs alot more.

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