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FTB Infinity Evolved | 2.4.2 Towny/MobArena/Jobs!


Minecraft Server - FTB Infinity Evolved 2.4.2
We use iConomy system for Jobs, MobArena, Jobs and Towny.
You can use shop for buy items, and rent market pleace to get sell somethink and get more money.
Player can rent lava source with unlimited lava, and protection without any lost.
Server mode is normal
Me use very good machine to host our server, and still working to get bigger stability than others:

2x Xeon X5650
96GB DDR3 1600MHz
3x SSD drivers - so we storage many backups if somethink wana go bad.
2x Powers supply - if our electricity get problems
150 Mbps in Europe connection

We want to offer you a friendly entertainment at a high level.
We use a couple's rules whose so be sure to follow so check /rules in server.

We host more server to other games: ARK, RUST, 7d2d, CS, Metin2 and more.
Check our webside and stay in touch.
We start 2016.03.11 19:00 UTC-0

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