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Craftymine FTB Infinity Expert


Hey Guys,

Craftymine are currently hosting a FTB IE Expert server.

If you're looking for a stable server to play out your long term goals on, then craftymine is the place to play

We currently have no banned items, but if we have significant abuse from any items we may be forced to remove/limit them


The server is based in the US, but should still offer a good connection to EU/Oceanic Players

New Player Town

One of our main features is the new player town. If you're a little unsure on how to play expert you can live near a bunch of other new and experienced players in the town. Everyone there will be happy to answer your questions!

Server Information

Main IP:
Direct IP for Infinity Expert:

Server Specs

16GB Ram
Intel E3 Processor
120gb SSD
2TB HDD for backups
1Gbps connection


Try and be friendly
PVP is enabled in certain areas, but do not harrass players
No griefing (we have grief protection)
No stealing

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