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InfinityMC - Modded minecraft & more - Whitelisted


Here on InfinityMC, we strive to let players have a safe and fun environment to play in. Whether it be our rules or just nice players.

Do not

  • Grief
  • Raid
  • Use excessive racism
  • Dont be rude


  • Trolling is allowed but to certain points. (Be able to be undone and what not)
  • Mob griefing is turned OFF
  • KeepInventory is OFF (Gravestones are active)
  • Keep chunkloading to a minimum.
  • Have fun

As of right now, We are using another website to manage applications, it will be linked below. (Under Tinyurl at the moment as it is too long. You will be directed to a TinyUrl website to look at the real link and go there.)

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