This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Whitelisted FTB unleashed 1.1.6 Server with all mods enabled except for DeathTimers.

  1. Be kind and treat others and their builds with respect. No greifing or stealing, it will lead to a instant ban.

  2. quarrys and other AFK mining machines is only allowed in the designated mining age.

  3. Keep Thaumcraft away from the overworld, until you have a way to handle the produced flux. (use the mining age or the twilight forest instead)

  4. The server is hosted on CreeperHost and I have not the money for the most expensive package. So to keep the experience smooth for as long as possible I would appriciate if you keep lag creating builds/machines to a minimum. (for example use the ender-thermig pump in the nether or make sure you don't have infinite power/ liquid loops etc.)

Have fun, and just contact me if you want to applie to be added to the whitelist, or want to know something about the server.

thx ^_^

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