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Departed | No Banned Items | Towny | 1.4.0 | PVP


Welcome to DustyDeparted!

Quick Knowledge

  • 24/7 server
  • Running FTB: Departed
  • PvP enabled
  • No banned items
  • Griefing and trolling allowed to an extent
  • Utilizes Towny
  • Mature community

Want hardcore adventure and a nice community? A server where you can build and sell advanced weapons
in a player market? How about being able to fight huge bosses with the support of multiple towns
for mutual advancement? This is all possible when you play on Dustycraft, a place where surprisingly
fun times are mixed with a surprisingly fun owner.

A Departed server run by DustyMittens, Dusty is a carefree and highly
likeable owner, managing all of the players' problems by hand. The server is homey,
lots of land still avaliable to players and a friendly, helpful community to assist them.

Users can vote for DustyDeparted here ( for rewards ingame and good vibes all around!

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