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UC FTB Ultimate[Bukkit][Towny][24/7][PVE]


UC FTB Ultimate

About Us:
We have been running servers since Minecraft alpha and we strive to create the best player experience possible. Our server is up 24/7 and can handle 50 players.

Ftb Ultimate mod pack
Mystcraft enabled
Mature and experienced admins
Experienced staff - we've been running minecraft servers since the alpha
PVE - PvP disabled by defualt!
anti-grief - protect your creations
player economy - no world market only player to player trading
Minimum banned blocks

Essentials - essential commands
SecureChests - Chest and door protection
Towny - build a town, or live as a hermit(all town plots are protected from greif)
WorldGuard - create a protected plot for your home
EssentialsEco - a gold based economy, sell gold to the world bank for currency. Then use it to trade with other players

No Exploiting
No Hacking
No Griefing
No spamming chat/ advertising

24Gb Ram
2x Xeon quad core processors
1Gb bandwidth

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