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Lolnet Magic Farm 2 [AUS] [NZ] [AU] - MagicFarm 2


Welcome to Lolnet FTB MagicFarm 2!

Welcome to Lolnet FTB MagicFarm 2 -Putting the Survival Back into Minecraft!

![Joining Instructions - Select & Launch](

Lolnet FTB MagicFarm runs the FTB MagicFarm 2 Mod Pack - Currently v2.1.5 (MagicFarm is in active developement and we will update as needed) .

To join: - Just select MagicFarm v2.1.10 it in the launcher and click launch to play!.

Our MagicFarm server ip is:

Why Play the Magic Farm ModPack

MagicFarm2 is a fun modpack that has a bit less tech, and focuses a bit more on survival.
-Hunger and a good food supply is a real worry in the early game. Luckily you have hundreds of new foods and crops from Growthcraft and Pam’s Harvestcraft to fill your belly. While berries and chicken won’t keep you going for long, munching down on a Bacon Cheeseburger or Carrot Cake will fill you up fast.
-Tinkers Construct with Iguana Tweaks will provide you with custom made tools and weapons.
-Mobs are more interesting thanks to Infernal Mobs, Special Mobs, and Dangerous World. You may be running from them at first,
but soon you’ll be blasting zombies from your hang glider with a wand of lightning in one hand and beef taco in the other.

This is a survival oriented, MagicFarm2 server. Mobs are on hard, the beginning game is slower, and hunger will be a constant friend.
You’ll want to spread out and get some elbow room and then get to work on your farm. Towney plugin will keep your area safe, and you can earn more land if you want to expand. PVP is allowed in the Nether, End, and Mystcraft Ages, but not in the overworld.

Mikhaila's Recommendations for getting started on MagicFarm2:
-Spend some time running around spawn. Lots of tips on signs and some tutorial.
-Do /vote and cast votes using the 3 links. Get paid 300 coins.
-Go shopping for some extra food and things to help you get started.
-AVOID SHADOW HILL, not a good place for beginners.
-Wait until morning. Mobs are a bit fierce at night. Really.
-Steal a boat from the docks and go sailing. The world has a lot of waterways.
-Or jump in the well and head to the travellers lounge for some quick teleports.
-Gather wood, ALL FOOD you see, and gravel/flint. (4 gravel make a flint now).
-FIrst night out, huddle in a cave, read up on Tinkers Construct and make your flint axes, picks, and shovels.
-When you find a spot you like make a town. /t new yourtownsname , then /t setspawn, and /t claim if you want more chunks. Towns are free, chunks are free, up to 8 of them.
-Mine some copper, a lot of sand/gravel/clay, and get to work on your smelter.
-And be careful with your food!

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