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DivineGenesis Network


The focus for our servers is low to no banned items.

We use a chunk loader plugin so you can still have chunk loaders :)

We have an experienced staff with previous history of managing other servers.

We are a new community, but we're looking to start up a community our players can enjoy!

We are currently using version 2.6.0 of the modpack

Join our discord at

Hope to see you around!

All of the DivineGenesis Servers are amazing! The servers are updated frequently and are well cared for. They are lag free! The players are all so nice and the staff team and members are so welcoming and helpful. The Discord is full of many ways to help players. Including many channels(voice and text) for update announcements, specific channels for each server they have for discussions and many more. There is no reason to not join the DivineGenesis servers! They have ranks and are working on ranks for the server includes kits, perks and more. You will have to see for yourself how fun this growing community is<3
Posted 25th Jan 2019