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The Big Ch33s3


The big Ch33s3 is focused around a single modpack currently, is 100% non-profit. We are a tiny community with no real name i just had to come up with one on the spot, we are very friendly so feel free to stop by and say hello, ask questions or anything of the sort we welcome it!

I'm tired of all these "networks" that boast 10-15 modpacks/servers of different types because their population is low per server and they usually have no goals besides jut trying to attract players and you see they have "200 players" but you go in their servers and they only have 5-10 people or some smaller number on the modpack you may want to play. The big Ch33s3 has the intention of keeping its server count to a MAXIMUM of 2 modded and a semi-vanilla server depending on how things go in the future.

We are non-profit, through and through. Any donations at all given to the server or my self directly, if money is sent my way in any shape or form it is not used for the server, myself or anything of the sort. ABSOLUTELY 100% OF THE MONEY GOES TOWARDS THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT! The owner of the server is active military and isn't doing this for the money, he just wants to see people have fun, and play the stuff he creates with others

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