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What is Secondary Gaming? We are a tight knit gaming community from all around the world who don't take gaming TOO serious. We have fun and game hard when its time to but we all understand that real life comes first. No one here will complain or try to kick you for not being active. Come and go as you please and feel free to join our amazing family.

Key features:
WHITELIST! We are whitelisted to keep the trash out. We know some slip by but those who do will be dealt with. We pride ourselves on having 0 drama on our servers. We are all here to have fun.

GriefPrevention and GriefLog. We offer you GP to claim your lands so that no one else can build or destroy anything in your claim. The more you play the more you can claim! And in the event that someone does somehow grief you, we have GriefLog to see who the person was. We will ban that person and replace your items. We don't have a 3 strike rule. Griefing and Thievery will result in an instant ban.

Villagers. Spawn offers a villager building just for trading for those random in game items you may need in a pinch. Villagers are swapped out from time to time to keep the market fresh.

RAIN!? YUCK! So rain is enabled by default. But In spawn I've done a pretty neat and simple design to shut the rain off. As soon as it stops an automatic Rainmaker will shut it off. And in the event we want it to rain we can always just stop the machine for a bit.

World Border. World border is on right now until 1.6 updates. This will ensure that we don't load to many chunks and resources before new ores are added. No one likes feeling like Columbus crossing oceans just to find that new shiny.

Banned Items can be viewed here. They are few but they ensure that no one is griefed and that no one overloads the servers with messy entity buildups.

Visit us on our forums to apply for a whitelist!

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