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HydroX Sky Factory

HydroX Sky Factory 2.5.6 24/7 No Whitelisting


HydroX SkyFactory has been voted the most popular SkyFactory Server.

We have silkworms enabled on our server and have a custom achievement system. On completion of achievement you are rewarded with In-Game Currency and Items. We have Automatic Island creatition by using the command /is create. Also VeinMiner is available for use on our server! We have Modifided Chance Blocks that keep the server from crashing when you open them.

Our Dedicated Host offers us the best Single Threaded CPU on the market that is currently Available. We have 32gb of ram but it never reaches 50% usage. No more is needed.

HydroX is a Minecraft Community currently has a few packs and more to come. We have SkyFactory and Pixelmon 5.0.0 beta 10. We are also expanding into Vanilla.

We have Active and Friendly staff in our Community! All of our staff are extremely active and are very professional. We are very strict with our No Griefing or Raiding rules. We ban anyone caught griefing or raiding is banned to ensure the best gameplay for our members!

Be sure to stop by, chat with the great community, and create your island using /is create!

It Is Absolutely Terrible! No Offnc <3 . Constant Crashes - Slow - Laggy - Hmm My island cant be griefed? People have lava'd it many times and can open my Chests!!!
Posted 22nd Dec 2016