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Server IP:
Economy/Limited PVP
Feed The Beast MindCrack server
Lag is very very low
Server specs Updated and increased as needed.

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to view our server. We are a fresh server, Ran by A experienced owner. Are you looking for a place to play that wont fade away after a month? Do you want to Grow and delve deeper into your gaming experience then ever before? Do you want that feeling of waking up in the morning excited to log into your new life that you have complete advantage over? Then please give us a try, We welcome all new players who are serious about growing roots in one place that will grow based of the players.
Some servers give crazy advantages to players who donate, We do not. We believe every player should be able to achieve thier goals reguardless of the amount of money they put towards a server. Donators recieve items a bit faster then your average player but each player reguardless of money put down can reach these goals as well. We do not offer things such as creative, godmode, or silly perks that would make the game experience intended void. We have a active staff who are devoted to the playerbase and assisting those in need. We are Mature and serious about our jobs in will give everyone the same respect.*Unless you intent to do harm to the land*

Towny, Lockette, Worldguard, Essentials, Iconomy, SCS *, and a few plugins that don't affect players but are intended for server security.

Basic Rules:
No griefing*there are certin and very limited exceptions due to roleplay reasons* Such as town wars.

Server Information:
The land is currently being formed by players daily. What goes on in this land depends on the action of you, The players. We hold events on a regular basis, We have Trivia, and a few more things for players to earn rewards. We currently offer players a chance to start a business such as a mining company where they can hire employes and sell their items at there Company shop. The server revolves around In game currency which is set in American Dollars $$$. It's a Theme that's a modern day world with a Medieval twist to it. We crack down hard on players who abuse bugs, grief, or just cause problems in general. We believe when you play a game it's to enjoy it, and not a place where you should be stressed further. Selling items has never been easier with essentials Economy just hold the item you wish to sell and type /sell hand. *Modded items being added daily* There is always a reason to come back! were not the type of server that you play for a week and have everything! There is a sense of self accomplishment, and plenty of things to feed your gaming needs!


Things on the server are still being worked on. Everything is functional but there is always room for improvement.
We diddn't want to Mold the world to much so we could leave it up to the players.

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