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Particle Gaming Infinity Evolved


You'll find an exciting selection of over 150 mods, an active staff team and a vibrant community. With a modpack this large, lag is always a concern: so we work hard to minimise it for an enjoyable experience. Battle for technology, power, or complete domination - the world is waiting for you.

This is a PvP (factions-based) server. You are likely to die. You are likely to lose items. If you are comfortable with this, come on in! If not, we advise you look somewhere else (like one of our other fantastic servers, perhaps?)


[1] No hacked clients or malicious mods
[2] No dupes or exploits
[3] No offensive language in chat, swearing IS allowed
[4] Don't ask for ranks, items etc. from staff
[5] Don't advertise, spam, beg, whine or disturb chat
[6] English only in the main chat
[7] No AFK avoidance

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