This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Commanders FTB [MindCrack] [Towny]

Feed The Beast + MindCrack

Feed The Beast server running the MindCrack mod.
Please make sure you have the MindCrack mod selected before trying to join.

* No White List
* Towny
* Other plugins (Other plugins that keep the server kicking)

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This server is moderated and run by a very mature and trusted staff base.
There is no "buying" mod/admin on this server so you can be rest assured that no five year old little kids that stole their parents credit card are going to come along and start annoying you while you go about your business.

Basic Rules:

Do not join asking for OP/MOD/ADMIN/STAFF/CREATIVE
Do not join asking for free items.
No griefing with lava or religious symbols. = GLOBAL BAN
Do not ask for OP/Mod/Free Stuff. = Jail/Mute/Kick/Ban
PVP is allowed.
PVP is NOT allowed in the "Mob Arena" = Jail/Temp Ban/Ban
Be respectful
Be ethical
Use common sense
You ARE allowed to RAID/STEAL someone else's base.
You are NOT allowed to use hacks/glitches to gain access to someone's base. = Temp Ban/Ban
No Faction bunny hopping. (Joining a faction just to steal their items then leaving it) = Temp Ban/Ban

The rules can be accessed in game using /RULES and /RULES 2 chat command.

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