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Welcome to FearsomeServers Ultimate Reloaded!

=======Fresh server 21/10======
Hey there!
So, who are we?
We here at FearsomeServers are a group of open minded and community driven people looking to expand our experience, by bringing the best modded Minecraft servers to you guys! We aim to achieve this through custom servers running a variety of mods, and custom built plugins to support us along the way.
We pride ourselves on trying to give you guys the best experience we can possibly offer. We hope to make this a strong community, and an escape from reality for many people, with the intentions of expanding our systems. We encourage everyone to ask questions and offer ideas! Join our Discord and get to know everyone.
Join us as we expand our services within modded Minecraft! Come play around with your favourite mods!
Consistent updates/upgrades
Timed ranks with bonus perks
Daily voting rewards
Server and Player owned shops
As you enter our server we ask that you check the /rules. Remember to use your land claims to ensure you keep your area safe!
We hope you enjoy your stay on our server! See you soon.

I like this server bc i think it is fun and i can play with the good comunty
Posted 17th Dec 2020