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I've been playing on this server for the last week. The main thing I like about it is how well put together it is. The plugins all make sense, and are managed very well. The only banned items on the server are ones that either are known to cause lag, or that are known duping mechanisms. The staff is somewhat limited, but that's to be expected on a brand new network. The staff that is available however is very friendly and as long as you're not expecting them to give you the moon they are amazing.
Posted 29th Aug 2017
Recently joined the server at a friend's recommendation. Founder is kind and attentive to any problems. Although it is small starting out the staff handle issues as quickly as possible and are very courteous towards players. Community is helpful and quick to provide tips or advice. Definately a good place to play!
Posted 29th Aug 2017
Got banned no reason given, just been in lobby and admin bennyboi had banned me for chatting. Also bennyboi & douglas may sound familiar, indeed they hosted densitycraft. I would ask for a refund for your precious donations. Watch out they might reopen again after few months under new name.
Posted 26th Aug 2017