This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to PreludeCraft!

Here we (Solice2o0, Retovath and BigD999) hope to bring you guys something that most other servers promise, but fail to keep. An unrivaled modded Minecraft experience!

Server Features

  • Near no banned items. We only ban items that cause crashes upon placement, usage or if it causes crashes when interacting with another tile entity.

  • Owners that listen. We don't know why the majority of other server owners don't do this, but we actually listen to our players. If they want a feature added, we ask all the other players what they think about it and either decline or accept it based on their feedback.

  • Economy system with money sinks. The thing that most other servers that have an economy are missing, is a money sink. We're actively trying to implement money sinks that'll take money out of the game, but won't seem like an annoying money sink.

  • Extremely active developer. The one thing that a lot of servers are missing is an actual programmer. Well, we have one, and he works 8-12 hours a day fixing things and improving the performance of the server without impeding players' playing experiences.

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