This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DireNode [Monster Pack - 1.1.2 - Blood Magic Enabl


We have the Blood Magic mod enabled, and is required to join.

Were a fairly new server, with a new(ish) world
We have a item wipe every hour to reduce lag
We use MyTown as the form of protection
All towns start off with 320 blocks (blocks are the name that the mod gives to chunks)
Every resident adds 320 more
We have a mining world where you can use ender quarries
You can get some food at spawn
We have the Gascraft mod disabled, however you may join even if you have it
Health scales with experience, 10 xp levels = one half heart, so if you reach 200 levels you would gain an entire additional set of hearts


No griefing
Be polite
No asking the staff for items
No asking for staff position
PVP IS allowed
No duping, bugs, glitches, etc

Banned Items:

  • All chunk loaders/anchors
  • Ink Mixer & Link Panel
  • ExpandedRedstone Block Breaker
  • Quarry and QuarryPlus ( fine in every other world)
  • Ender Quarry in the overworld (fine in every other world)
  • RandomThings Block Breaker
  • Nuke
  • Disintegration Module
  • Anti-Personnel Module
  • Confiscate Module
  • Portal Guns
  • Buster Shot & Buster Magazine
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Crumble Horn
  • Self Destruct Mechanism
  • Drawbridges
  • SPAMR Launcher
  • SDX
  • Sacred Rubber Sapling?

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