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LosingIsFun - Infinity Evolved Expert + Challenge


Server Address:
Modpack: Infinity Evolved 2.6.0

Expert Mode was too easy. I made it more fun:

  1. No free teleportation (e.g. /spawn, /home, /tpa)

    • use a bed to set your spawn, then keep the bed safe
    • trade remotely using the mailbox (n.b. you don't need bees, ever)
    • mail your distant friend a portal spawner to visit them
  2. No graves

    • don't take your best stuff on your riskiest missions
  3. No map radar

  4. Unskippable night

Server Stats

  • Dedicated
  • E3-1230 V2
  • 16GB Memory
  • Grantham, UK (because it was way cheaper, but most players are on US time)


  1. Treat everyone with respect
    1.b. No racism, sexism, poor-bashing, homophobia, islamophobia, etc.
  2. No exploits (including resource duplication) -- ask if you aren't sure
  3. No griefing or raiding or pvp (I hope to allow this in the future)


  • Mystcraft and Dimension Building (makes things too easy)
  • Imbued Fire and Demon Invasion (too much capacity for grief)

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