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BlockMine Infinity 1.8.2

The Beggining..

Welcome to the BlockMine Infinity Survival Server! The server itself is run on a dedicated box with 32 GB RAM, 300 GB SSD space, 1GB port and all the other fancy jazz that comes with it :) The Infinity pack itself is a brand new pack so expect bugs/errors until the FTB Team pushes out needed updates for the pack.

As for protection on the server, we have a highly modified GriefPrevention plugin which is used to create your land claims to protect every single item on the server, not just vanilla items either. If you have any questions at all feel free to post on the shoutbox on the website!

Another cool mechanic we here at the BlockMine Network have implemented into the server is enabling PVP at night while making sure there is no PVP during the day to make both parties happy about the subject of PvP you could say.

For any information you BlockMiners might need, I highly suggest you guys check out for all the doubts/questions you may have on the BlockMine Network, Enjoy your stay!


  • Just join and build with no redundant tutorial/signup

  • Griefprevention/Lockette with modded protection!

  • Pvp enabled at night while disabled during the day to meet the best of both worlds of community preference!

  • Trade o Mats to trade in stuff missing from the game!

  • No rollbacks

  • FTB Infinity recommended

  • Try our best to lower the banned items count as much as possible

  • Awesome voting rewards (LUCKY VOTES!)

CPU: AMD 2 x Opteron 4386 @ 3.8GHz


SSD: 300GB SSD Storage

Network: 1 Gigabit Dedicated Port

Users may connect using the following IP:

~ BlockMine Network ~

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