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DirtHuts Infinity Ev. Skyblock [whitelist] [15+]


DirtHuts is a smallish and friendly modded Minecraft community. We use whitelisting to provide our players a more mature environment to build the huts made of dirt and cobblestone (other building materials possibly allowed).

Trying to offer you everything to make your stay with us pleasant - unlike almost every other server we honestly don't hinder your gameplay by restricting sethomes, items, chunkloading and itemkits to donators only: Playing with us isn't free, but it's free for you ;)

Dynmap will help you to find a nice spot or just to spy on others, TeamSpeak3 and irc-channel will help you to mingle with other DirtHutters even when not in-game, forums are there to keep you posted about what's going on (and feel free to drop a line in the introductions, we do like to know with whom we're playing).

Staff averages around 30+ currently (yes we're old farts we know..) so you will be treated fairly, servers are updated regularly, backups made and downloaded off-site and so forth. We take pride in oiling and polishing pretty things.

We have two nicely performing dedicated servers (Other in Canada and other in Germany) that we have spread our servers to:

Beyond Reality
Bevos Techpack Reloaded
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock (didn't see that did you?)
FTB Inventions
+a custom very challenging pack within a month or so

So if you would even possibly want to give us a try, follow the dirtpath at and apply (we'll try to process your application quickly and wearing our finest silkgloves) - or stumble to our irc-channel at #dirthuts on esper irc (servers are hooked up via irc to the channel).

Kindly take into consideration that we've had one grief-complaint during the past six months, and we'd like to keep it that way :) The hut of all DirtHuts is on a steady, stable foundation that is built over stable financial situation (thank you for each and every donation we've got), awesome regular players and the staff that is willing to go "extra mile" to make your stay as pleasant as possible (restrictions may apply)

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