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The Simple Life 2 Betadev


The Pack

The Simple Life 2 takes a slightly different approach to Minecraft than most other Mod-packs. It has been designed with some unusual and lesser known mods alongside the more popular 1.10 offerings. Each area of the pack (tech, magic etc) has only one primary mod to influence that area rather than having multiple tech mods all vying for attention, you’ll have to follow the integrated quests and custom recipes to achieve your goals!

It also focuses heavily on long-term playability by creating an almost serene world to explore whilst being able to detail, build, craft and collect to your hearts content. There are no giant boss monsters or grindy sieving here, just a balance of peaceful building and exploration alongside quest-lines to keep moving you forwards as you play.

This is not a pack about power-playing or reaching the end-game as quickly as possible. It’s more like a meander through the world of Minecraft with a few goals that can be reached whenever you like.


  • Over 500 Quests

  • Fully gated progression through mods

  • Dozens of custom recipes that reflect more realistic approaches to the game

  • Aesthetic mods that enhance the Minecraft experience to a new level

  • Huge community and support for new players

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