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Ethereal Pixelmon Masters


Immerse yourself in the world of Pixelmon! When you join Ethereal Pixelmon Masters, you will be greeted with the familiar sights of Pallet Town, your Mom and a Professor, eager to send you on your journey.

Ethereal Pixelmon Masters boasts the most up to date Pixelmon with Biomes O’ Plenty with custom, intelligent Pixelmon spawning. Each Pixelmon has a chance of spawning in the overworld at various degrees of rarity in a biome that would naturally be their home.

If you have ever wanted easier to produce Pokeballs or MegaEvolution stones that aren’t locked behind pay-to-win micro-transactions, look no further. With added mods for playability and comfort, we allow the player to explore, capture and train their Pixelmon without the worry of having enough Pokeballs or stat items

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