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SkyFactory3 1.10 | 50 slots (only Reset on 100%)


Open SkyFactory3 version (3.0.4) Server with 50 Slots.!!

The Rules :
Have Fun!
Respect others on the Server
Don't ask to be OP
I will show 2-3 times a day how far the Server(quests) is.

Auto-Restart at 3:30AM

If the Quests and Server are at 100% clear,
I will make a Video Report of the Server and i will save The Map Online,
so you can download and view the Server in the Video i will Upload on my Channel.

If Problems are there pls comment this post or write me privat!!!

If there are Teams pls let me know in the Comments :D

And now i Hope you will have Fun on the Server :D

Love the sever very little block lag and if there is an issue it is resolved immediately.

Needs to have more information about how to create own island!
The server replied:
i run the original server.jar, i have no plugins or scripts at the moment but i think in 1 of 2 days i will update the Server to the newest version and then i will put some plugins on the server, but i have no time now becurse of work -_-
would be nice if someone have the time to help me :D
Posted 26th Jan 2017
Seems nice - just started-
Seems someone might have trolled/griefed as the server now has horrible block lag, might want to set the ftb loaded chunks to only be loaded if the player is online, as they all seem to be offline loading. Also maybe some auto restarts.
The server replied:
ok thanks for the tipp with the chunk loaders,
auto restart should work now got a script prolem XD

Thanks for the Review
Posted 26th Jan 2017
Server broke. Can't break any leaves when first starting.
The server replied:
is Fixed i forget to set the Spawn-Protection to zero XD
Posted 12th Jan 2017