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Qorcraft Monsters


Welcome to Qorcraft. Our FTB servers (based on bukkit) have tones on useful plugins. For pure fun FTB check out our server. We keep all things organised and our friendly staff members are quick to remove any griefer’s or player that threaten the friendly feel of the community. It’s a safe place to build your next awesome creation ads it is a PVE server, or just to hang out and have leisurely gaming experience. We base our server off a community. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to post all on the forums and a staff member will get back to you as soon as we can.

General Rules

Griefing is not allowed.
No Duping (Duping must be reported to Staff)
Do not Advertise another Server or Youtube accounts.
No Hacks or Exploiting Bugs
Code of Conduct

No Harassing players. If a player asks you to leave their property, leave.
Do not make /homes in another person’s base without permission.
Build with respect of the environment in mind.
Have fun guys, the staff members do this for fun. It's a game after all, so please respect the staff members.

Banned items
Draw bridges
Advanced drawbridge
Extended drawbridge
Fire stone ore
Cracked fire stone
Cracked Firestone 2
Refine firestone
Refine Firestone
Fire stone item
Magic pencil
Tunnel bore
Lux capacitor
MFFS AP Matrix
MFFS Shock module
MFFS Disintegration module
MFFS Confiscation Module
All Liquid Drums
Nuclear waste disposal drum
Chicken chunk loader
Steve’s chart chunk Loader
MFR Chunk Loader
Mimikimetic upheaver
Blazing Pyrethrum Bucket
Writing desk
Wrath lamps
Sentry turret
High energy pallet launcher
Magnetic Force
Mystcraft Books
Unlinked link book
Descriptive book
Book binder

Donor Items
Tome of knowledge Sharing
Wand Focus Exuvaction

Wand Focus equal trade
Quarry plus

Moon worm Queen
Peacock fan
Crumple horn
Destruction catalyst

Wand focus Portable hole
SPAMR Launcher

Expanded Redstone Block Breaker
Expanded Redstone Block placer

Open Block Placer
MFR Block Breaker

Random things Block Breaker
Random things Block Replacer

MFR block placer
MFR block Smasher

Mining Laser

Advanced Turtles
Open blocks crane control

Open blocks Crane Backpack
Land mark

Matter Cannon

Linking book*

Portal Gun’s*
P-Body’s portal gun
Bacon gun
Potato Gun
Default portal gun
Atlas portal gun
Single coloured default portal gun
Portal gun

All donors can choose from 1 out of 5 Mystcraft worlds

Donors found handing out or setting up Mystcraft books for non-donors (or giving / selling them to non-donors) will lose their access to the mod.

This does NOT apply to non-donor team mates. Common sense applies. If you claim you live with everyone to bypass this rule you will lose your mystcraft access. (or anything else equally as dumb)

Donors found abusing banned items will also lose their banned item access. Frequent use is ok - Griefing past plugin protection is not.

The access to banned items is a privilege not a right. Losing banned item access is a possibility as punishment as needed by majority owner vote. This will only be used under extreme circumstances but want it to be known it is possible. (hey it's better than being banned I guess)

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