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[FTBeyond][Whitelist] Rrettcraft


FTB Beyond V1.3

Hosting a small-medium scale server

Great uptime/ low downtime

Currently low population

Whitelist enabled

There's going to be minimal commands available and staff abuse is absolutely intolerable.

I value core gameplay and not using commands to hop around like a space bunny. Unless it's a legitimate server error you're kind of on your own.

Community dictated. I'll take the server in whatever direction the community seems to want.

Looking for a more mature audience. There's no age cut off but we ask all applicants be mature when dealing with others.

No banned items. I hope with a more mature audience we can not abuse the game and ruin it for others.

Server Specs:

  • Dual core 3.5ghz intel
  • 8GB ram
  • 60GB SSD
  • 1TB HDD
  • Centos 7 Operating system
  • Dedicated


  1. Don't be exceptionally unpleasant.
  2. no greifing
  3. no spamming
  4. No unwarranted PVP
  5. No causing server crumbling lag
  6. No bug abuse
  7. Ruining the game for others(intentionally)

The only real rule is #1.

I'm running the server on a local network on a local machine. There is no upkeep costs so the server will run until I disconnect it.


Apply for whitelist (You will receive an email regarding the result[yes/no] of your application)


Server IP:


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