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We are a small Towny/Survival server running on PaperMC with primarily a Swedish playerbase, but we can accommodate English too!

We are currently in a beta stage as we slowly role out the server, so unfortunately there might be some bugs here and there, but we are quick at fixing issues.

At CeppKraft, we are all friendly, joke around and most importantly, we all have fun. If this does not sound like you, please do not waste your time logging in.

We are also currently testing out lots of new plugins (even custom plugins too!) and rolling out new features to definitely spice up your gameplay, so please feel free to tell us your ideas and we might even make it possible, just ask for the feedback form when in-game! Join today and experience what Cepp-Kraft has to offer.

Upon connecting to the server for the first time, please read our overview section on the website to learn more about the server and how to get started, after having read the overview, please read our rules and familiarise yourself with them. By playing on Cepp-Kraft, you automatically agree to ahear by the rules, you agree to how we use your data and process your player information, any failure to comply with those terms, can and will result in your access being denied onto Cepp-Kraft.

IP :

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