This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DireWolf 1.6.4 -SymCraft |No death drops!|MCMMO|Gr


SymCraft: From an experienced MindCrack server owner, a new even better server!

Our DireWolf 20 1.6.4 server strives to be the best in stability and having no lag. I'd like to say that a steady 20TPS is required for any good minecraft experience. I play the server too so I don't want lag either!

Plugins: Mcmmo, grief prevention, essentials, economy, chest shop, multiworld, prism, craftbay auction house, population density, mobmoney and more!

We offer grief prevention, as it's much better than any other plugin in terms of protection from grief. We also use prism, which is log block but way better. So if some how you do get griefed, we can ban the offender and restore all your stuff.

Turtles, Quarries and Mining Lasers are the only thing RESTRICTED right now. We have a mining world that you can go to after voting, where everything is UNRESTRICTED!

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