This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TitanCraft|Direwolf20 1.7.10 v.1.0.1|OPEN|USA 1Gbp


Congratulations, you have stumbled across another Direwolf20 server hosted by some stranger in the world. We don't plan on bragging how great our server is, so you will have to be the judge of our server, and see if we fit your unique play style you have been desiring.

Server IP:
Server Website:
Currently running: Direwolf20 v.1.0.1
Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
(We don't update until the version is recommended)
Teamspeak Info:
Map: Generated by BoP
Play Style: Survival PvE
Server RAM: 32 GB
Server CPU: E3 1240v3

Server Rules:

  1. Do not disrespect another player!
  2. Do not spam or flood the server!
  3. Be kind and courteous to others!
  4. Do not grief or destroy another player's creations! (Exceptions apply)
  5. Do not speak in other languages but English!
  6. Do not ask for a higher rank. You will be assigned to such as the time goes!
  7. Use common sense!

Disabled Mods
We did not disable any Mod!
All mods are available to the public unless they may cause significant damage.

How to Defend Against Griefers
We use the well known plugin GriefPrevention, which you can protect your land using a golden shovel. Your protected land is safe from other players. You may /trust other players, but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods during your collaboration.
Here is a quick guide if you do not know how to use the plugin yet:

We also make a use of Prism, one of the best logging plugins in the world of Bukkit. It will log most block interactions so you can rest assured that if something do go terribly wrong, we are here to help you make it right again!

Starting Items
Stone tools? Are you serious now... We are not going to let you start from nothing but stone tools again. That is why we gave you nice tools and armor from the start!
Lost it? Broke it? Reclaim every 3 days using /kit tools

Recognizing Staff
Our staff wears special tags that distinguish themselves from the rest of the players.
[Founder] - People who are the owners of the server and TitanClan
[Manager] - People who manage the server
[Agent] - People who are helpers of Manager, moderating activity

World Size
Overworld - 7500 Blocks Radius
All other worlds - 5000 Block Radius

Pumping for Lava
Since most players love lava as a source of their energy, our Nether would be quickly drained of all lava. This is why we are discouraging lava pumping in the Nether and ask all players to use our free public lava ender tank!

We do not want to break the already existing economy in the game using items, so I believe it would be a great idea to just encourage item to item trading, which is why we setup the shop like so!

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