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[1.6.4] Galaxy Unlimited [White-list] [Gregtech] [


Have you been bored with normal FTB? Have you found plenty of modpacks are either easy (FTB Unleashed) or outdated (FTB Mindcrack)? Do you want some challenge and try different ways of obtaining your goals?

Then you have come to the right place. Let me present you Galaxy Unlimited; mix between New Tekkit and old Mindcrack. Brand new server with exactly what you may have been looking for.

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  • IP:
  • Modpack: Private Server Modpack - Galaxy Unlimited
  • Minecraft Version: 1.6.4

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  • Mystcraft items aren't craftable, but they are obtainable. (Donations, Admin Shops)
  • No private Mystcraft Worlds
  • Thermal Expansion tesseracts
  • MFR harvester
  • Uncrafting Table (obtainable by loot, but its disabled for uncrafting).

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  • ChestShop - make your own shops
  • Enjin Plugin - for integration with our official forum
  • Essentails - some basic stuff for every server needs
  • iConomy - Economy is the best thing and different than just trading 1diamond for 10 iron bars Posted Image
  • PermissionsEX - Basic plugin for permissions
  • Towny - Make your own industries or towns. Keep in mind there are upkeeps and taxes included on the server.

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  • No griefing

  • Be nice to others. Keep in mind the server is not age restricted.

  • Use common sence to find out if you can do this or that. If you are not sure, ask.

  • Don't build next to others doorstep.

  • Quarries - Not allowed in Overworld, Nether, Twilight Forest, Lava World but Allowed in Mining world

  • Pumps - Not allowed in Nether but Allowed in Overworld, Twilight Forest, Lava World, Mining World

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List of Mods

Using "GregTeched" version of all mods, so be ready for some insane crafting. Make sure to check NEI for recipes.

Interested in trying out the server?

If you are here is some basics you need to do to get whitelisted:

Official whitelist request

1) Go here:
2) Fill out required boxes
3) Wait for an email if you got accepted or not.
4) Once you are accepted you can go here:
5) Now just follow the instructions listed on the bottom of the page.

For more information you can go and visit Official Website

Thank you all for checking this out, and hopefully I'll see you on the server!

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